The Premium Event for Short-Term Rental Property Managers in the UK

SCALE UK is the only conference exclusively dedicated to professional and established property management companies with ambitions to scale in the short-term rental industry, with a specific focus on the UK market.

Join the leading accommodation providers from every corner of the United Kingdom as we address common topics of interest such as property acquisition, owner relationships, new technology, exit strategies and much more.


What you need to know

Who should attend SCALE UK?

SCALE UK is dedicated to professional property management companies in the short-term rental market managing 10 or more units and looking to grow their business.

If you’re not a property manager, but you’re working in the holiday rental industry developing relevant activities (eg. consultant, revenue manager) that can add value to the conference, you may be interested in joining us with a Pro Pass. Get more info by visiting this page.

When and where is it?

SCALE UK 2024 is going to take place on 6-7 November, 2024 at the Oval Cricket ground in London.

Who's speaking?

Check the Speakers page to get updated info.

What's the cost?

SCALE UK tickets are priced at £199 per person.

Early bird tickets are £99 per person.

What's included?


Will the sessions be recorded?

No. All presentations will only be available to watch live in-person. Slides are sent to all attendees after the show.

Where can I confirm my ticket?

You can get your SCALE UK ticket directly on this website.

Our team will check all of the tickets to ensure that all attendees respect our conference participation criteria, being a professional Property manager with a portfolio of a minimum of 10 properties.

If you don’t meet these requirements, we recommend you not buy a ticket, since we will cancel your purchase and return the full amount paid.

What if I do not manage 10 or more properties?

SCALE UK is exclusively for short-term rental operators managing a minimum of 10 properties.

If you do not meet this minimum requirement we invite you to join our Linkedin group where we will invite you to our meet-ups throughout the year where you can network with industry experts, suppliers, and peers.

I'm not directly managing any rentals units, can I attend?

SCALE UK is 100% focused on property management companies. If you’re not directly involved in property management, you can visit our sponsors and partners page or visit the Pro Pass page.