Join Scale UK with a Pro Pass

Scale UK is exclusively dedicated to professional property managers with a portfolio of at least 10 units.

However we do offer a very limited number of Pro Pass tickets for unaffiliated industry professionals, independent consultants and UK market experts who can provide additional value and quality to the conference.


All you need to know about the Pro Pass

What is the Pro Pass?

This ticket offers an unmissable networking opportunity to a select number of independent short-term rental professionals.

The Pro Pass is not a partnership nor a sponsorship. It provides access to the full event like any other attendee. It does not include any benefits reserved for sponsors and partners.

Industry suppliers can consider Scale UK sponsor or partner packages.

What's included in the Pro Pass?

As per the standard attendee ticket, the Pro Pass includes access to both days of the show, full networking with all property managers and includes coffee, drinks and lunch on day 2.

How many Pro Passes are available?

We have a maximum of 5 Pro Passes available.

How much is the Pro Pass?

The cost of the Pro Pass is £600.
No discounts or reductions of any kind are available.

How can I buy a Pro Pass?

To confirm a Pro Pass, please apply using the form on this page.

Our team will evaluate the information submitted and if we believe that your participation adds value to the conference, you will receive a link to proceed with the ticket registration.


Join us at Scale UK with a Pro Pass